The International Obstacle Course Racing Union (IOCRU) is a global community of athletes, race organizers, and supporters united for the common goal of developing and celebrating the sport of obstacle course racing.

Mission: To celebrate and develop the sport of obstacle course racing through athlete support, organizational support, and popular engagement.

Membership: Membership to IOCRU is currently free. Members have access to an array of benefits, including:

  • members-only area of our website containing discounts on race registrations, travel, hotels, gear
  • monthly newsletters

Overview: The International Obstacle Course Racing Union (IOCRU) was created with the purpose of serving the global community of OCR athletes, promoting and developing the sport of OCR, and fostering relationships between athletes, supporters, sponsors, fans, and race organizers.

The rapid growth and global expansion of OCR over the last few years has brought thousands of athletes into the sport of OCR – athletes with unique needs, challenges, and skills. IOCRU aims to serve those needs of athletes by, among other things, offering discounts with brands to help alleviate costs associated with racing, providing resources for training, and advocating for athletes in all aspects of the sport.

IOCRU is not a governing body. It is an entirely independent organization with one goal – serving the athletes of OCR first and foremost. While IOCRU may offer discounts to certain brands, it has no exclusive arrangement with any of these brands. To that end, IOCRU is currently working towards attaining not-for-profit status.

Executive Board

Amelia Boone, President

Amelia Boone is a full-time corporate attorney and one of the most decorated obstacle racers in the world. Her victories include three World’s Toughest Mudder titles and a Spartan Race World Championship. As a pioneer of the sport, she’s been an outspoken advocate for obstacle racing athletes, and her work is dedicated to shaping the future of the sport.

Adrian Bijanada, Chairman

Adrian Bijanada founded the OCR World Championships in 2013 and has since served as a passionate advocate for the sport and its athletes. His work within OCR has focused on building a cohesive and dynamic community for the benefit of participants, event organizers, and industry partners.

Carrie Connors, Treasurer

Carrie Adams (now Connors) was one of the original employees of the the Fledgling startup Spartan Race. She was an integral part of the development of the brand and also created a women’s movement called Chicked Nation while with Spartan. Carrie now works as a Vice President of Sales & Marketing within the manufacturing industry, while maintaining a close relationship with the OCR community, specifically to its athletes and their development.

Michael Mark, Organizational Development

Michael Mark is a business consultant and one of the top Masters division obstacle racers in the world. As a Masters racer, he finished 3rd in the Obstacle Racing World Championships long course and 2nd in the Spartan World Points Rankings in 2016. His goal is to further the sport of OCR by creating unity among race brands and businesses to provide the community with valuable resources and opportunities.

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